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The MBA Tour Sydney Helps Student Secure a Spot at Monash University

The MBA Tour Sydney Helps Student Secure a Spot at Monash University

Bijay Lamsal, an MBA applicant and The MBA Tour Sydney attendee, answered some of our questions about his experience at our event and how this lead him to secure a spot at Monash University’es MBA program. 

Where are you in your career?

I am currently three years out after my undergraduate degree. I am working as a construction site engineer on a tunneling project in the Sydney CBD. It is called Sydney Metro project, currently branded as the largest public transport project in Australia.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

I am interested in eventually pursuing an infrastructure advisory role, I believe MBA is the right course for me to achieve that. Also, even in my current role the need for business operations literacy is required to be at a very high level. Projects demand a lot of ad-hoc budget management, which creates unique challenges. Again, MBA degree will help me be more effective at my role.

Why did you decide to attend an MBA Tour event?

I saw the ad on Instagram. I was always interested in the program (aimed to eventually get around to it). It was well set-out in the website and invitations to attend was very well managed. I saw value in the event. Put it simply, talking to schools from five continents was key motivator. It saved me from travelling the world to talk to schools.

What aspect event did you find most helpful? Which schools did you network with?

I networked with CKGSB, ASB, University of Tampa, Monash University, I.E. Business school, and IESE. The aspect that i found most useful was ability to stay in touch with all the people i met. I have made some ongoing professional acquaintances/connections. I would attribute this to being key in my success to secure at spot at Monash MBA.

Did talking with Monash and ASB, influence your decision to apply?

Definitely. The ‘talking to actual people’ factor was my highlight during the event.

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